Thursday, 26 December 2013

Gugu: Sleeves

Eyelet Blue Sleeve

Eyelet Green Sleeve

Eyelet Yellow Sleeve

Eyelet Pink Sleeve

Cotton Tshirt Blue Sleeve

Cotton Tshirt Green Sleeve

Cotton Tshirt Pink Sleeve

Cotton TShirt Yellow Sleeve

Designed like cardigan , Easy for parent's to put on, hard for children to take off
- Help Baby to sleep longer and hasn't scratched up her face
- Help baby skin an opportunity to heal from itchy skin / eczema, beyond itchy skin and newborn scratching
- The outer layer  of the mitten provides less friction againts baby skin

SAIZ           PANJANG BAHU                  PANJANG LENGAN                         LABUH
  XS                     23 CM                                      26 CM                                         15.5 CM
     S                     25 CM                                      30 CM                                         16 CM
     M                    25 CM                                     30 CM                                          16.5 CM
     L                     26 CM                                      33 CM                                          17 CM

PRICE: RM20.00

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Philips Avent: Breast Milk Storage Bag 25's

Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage Bag 25's
Ultimate protection for your breast milk, 6oz/180ml breast milk storage bags
Philips AVENT breast milk storage bags provide safe and secure storage for your precious
breast milk. They can be stored in the fridge or freezer and are pre-sterilized for
immediate use.
Complete hygiene
• Tamper evident seal for complete hygiene
• Reinforced seams and dual layer bag
• Secure, leak proof double zip
Ease of use
• The sturdy design of this bag enables it to be self standing
• Wide opening for easy filling and pouring
Other benefits
• The bag is pre-sterilized for hygienic use and storage
• This bag is made out BPA free material
Tamper evident
Tamper evident seal indicates the bag is untouched before first use, for complete hygiene
Strong and durable
Reinforced side seams and dual layered material provide extra reassurance that your precious breast milk is stored safely
Ultimate protection
Secure, leak proof double zip closure for safe storage of your breast milk
Express, fill, store
The wide and sturdy opening of the bag ensures easy filling and pouring of your breast milk
Self-standing bag
The sturdy design of this bag enables it to be self standing
The bag is pre-sterilized for hygienic use and storage
BPA free
This bag is made out BPA free material
•Easy to use: Wide, sturdy opening
•Secure: Tamper evident seal
•Sturdy: Self standing bag
•Ultimate protection: Reinforced seams
•Leak proof: Secure, double zipper
•Material: Durable, dual layer bag
What is included
•Bag: 25 pcs
•Bag: 6oz/180ml
Country of origin
•Manufactured by Philips Avent in China
•BPA free*

PRICE: 59.90

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Philips Avent: PES Bottle 4oz/125ml Twin Pack

Philips Avent PES Bottle 4oz/125ml Twin Pack     

Back by popular demand, Limited stock Available !

Unsettled and irritable behaviour, known as fussing, is by far the most commonly known crying behaviour in babies. Clinical studies show that the PHILIPS AVENT Bottle significantly reduces fussing and colic.
Polyethersulphone (PES) is - a BPA Free material with a natural golden-coloured tint and extremely durable material that has a natural honey-coloured tint. It is heat-resistant, stain-resistant and impact resistant. Bottles made of this material are highly durable.

What is included:
Natural Feeding Bottle: (4oz/125ml) 2pcs.
• Bottle: 4oz/125ml capacity, 0% BPA, honey coloured tint.
• Design: easy to assemble, easy to clean, easy to hold, wide neck.
• Function: Anti-colic valve (one piece) .
• Clinically proven: Less fussing, especially at night.
• Teat Speed: Newborn Flow
• Teat Hole: 1
• Country of Origin: England
PRICE: RM69.90

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Philips Avent: Royal Limited Edition Gift Set Bottle & Soothers

Product Description
Philips Avent Royal Limited Edition Gift Set Bottle & Soothers:

The Philips AVENT range of bottles and soothers help to soothe and comfort your baby. They are designed to suit your baby's age and stage and are made to the highest safety standards, so you can feel at ease knowing that your baby is comforted and happy.
The Philips Avent Royal Bottle & Soother Set is a collectible, limited-edition item now available from our extensive selection.
The hygienic, durable bottle is printed with a colourful crown design while the two effective soothers are printed with a crown and a Union Jack flag, both emblazoned with the words 'Made in the UK'.
These fun soothers are also available to buy as a separate set.
The royal collection by Philips AVENT including 1 Classic 9 oz feeding bottle and 2 Royal Edition soothers 6-18m.
More comfortable feed at baby's chosen pace
• Easy latch on due to the unique valve on the nipple
Air goes into the bottle, not baby's tummy
• Unique anti-colic system
Reduce fussing and discomfort
Clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing:Sleep and nutrition are vital to your baby’s health and happiness. A randomised clinical trial was carried out to see whether infant feeding bottle design affects "infant behaviour". The Philips AVENT Classic baby feeding bottle was shown to significantly reduce fussing by approximately 28 minutes a day as compared to the comparator bottle (46 min vs 74 min, p=0.05). This was especially true during night-time.
BPA Free
• 0% BPA Product

• Anti-colic valve: Two piece anti-colic system
• Latch on: Easy latch on, Promotes nipple acceptance
• Nipple: Flexes to feeding rhythm
Country of origin: England
Material: BPA free*
What is included
 Silicone Pacifier: 2 pcs
 Bottle: 1pc 9oz/260ml
Bottle Material: BPA free
• Bottle design: Wide neck, Ergonomic shape
Ease of use
• Bottle use: Easy to clean, Easy to hold
Development stages: 6 months +
PRICE: RM69.90

Friday, 18 October 2013

Baby Bean Bag

Bubble Royal Blue

Bubble Apple Green

Bubble Mix
A beanbag, which thanks to the swappable covers grows with your child from newborn to school age.
 Both soft velvet covers are removable with Goretex water proof backing for any little accidents, making them fully breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer. The seat cover without a harness is included and can be swapped to the beanbag when your child no longer needs the security of a harness.
 The beanbag filling offers supreme comfort by moulding around your baby’s body to make them secure and content. It also allows you to change the elevation of your child’s seating position so you can lie them down for snoozes and sit them up for feeds and interaction.
Price: RM170.00

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Avent PP Adapter Ring For Classic Bottles


The adapter ring should always be used with the Philips AVENT classic feeding bottle as part of the classic two-piece anti-colic system.
Benefits and features:
• 0% BPA Product
Two piece anti-colic system
• Allows air into the bottle instead of your baby's tummy
Unique anti-colic valve
Allows air into the bottle instead of your baby's tummy
The two piece Philips AVENT anti-colic system consists of the AVENT Nipple and adapter ring. As your baby feeds, the unique skirt on the AVENT Nipple flexes to allow air into the baby bottle instead of your baby’s tummy. Like breastfeeding, your baby controls the milk flow.
0% BPA
0% BPA Product
This product contains 0% BPA
Technical specifications:
Country of origin: England
What is included
PP Adapter Ring: 3 pcs
Development stages
Stages: 0-6 months
BPA free*: Yes
Price: RM26.90

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lamaze : Wrist Rattle Set (New)

Bright patterns and faces with fun sounds to reward exploration.
The perfect way to start your baby's development. The innovative wrist rattles fit comfortably on baby's wrists.
Their bright colours and enchanting noises will have baby searching for their hands.

The wrist rattles are fully machine washable, ensuring the health and safety of your baby, without extra work for you!

Suitable from three months.
As babies can perform the extraordinary gymnastic feat of bringing their feet to their mouth and almost beyond
their head they indulge endlessly in this game.

Add the foot finders with their rattles, strong black-and-white graphics and different texture

Price: RM 15.00

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Avent Nipplette Single Pack

Product Description


A Simple Solution For Inverted Nipples
Flat or inverted nipples can be a potential problem for women wishing to breastfeed. The Unique and revolutionary Niplette is a permanent cure. Through gentle suction, the Niplette pulls the nipple out into a small plastic thimble-like cup. In a matter of weeks of continued wear, the nipple will stay permanently erect. Ideal use before becoming pregnant.
However, you can also use in the first six months of pregnancy to achieve permanent correction. Alternatively, use for a few minutes before each feed in the first few days after delivery. This will pull your nipple out so your baby can latch on more easily.
• Simple and discreet
• Clinically proven
• Non-surgical – uses gentle suction
Country of origin : England
What is included
     Disposable breast pad: 2 pcs
     Niplette: 1pc
Development stages
Stages: 0 - 6 months, Pregnancy

PRICE: RM209.90 Free Shipping

Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Milk Story: Natural Liquid Cleanser

The Milk Story Natural Liquid Cleanser 

For cleaning milk storage containers, breastpump parts, baby accessories, toys, fruits and vegetables
This product is made from 100% Food Grade & Environmental friendly ingredients which are:

Paraben FREE
Fragrances FREE

1. Aqua
2. Alkyl polyglucoside
3. Ethyl alcohol

Keep out of reach of children
If accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water and consult a physician
For sensitive skin, we recommend the use of gloves

PRICE: RM19.90

Gugu Swaddle Pod: Transition

Scuba Blue 


Cherry Zoom

Pinky Star

Pinky Star Zoom

Purple Flower

Purple Flower Zoom

Key Features

 - NEW ! YKK high quality zipper

- NEW ! Bigger opening 22 inch

- NEW ! SNAP BUTTON to allow transition baby from swaddling to arm free sleep

  • Helping Prevent the risk of SIDS
  • Help baby to self-soothe and sleep longer
  • Ergonomic designed womb like fit
  • Single layer of Stretchable Cotton Spandex help prevent overheating
  • Label Free on the inside
  • Toggle tent keep the zipper toggle under cover
  • Twin Zipper make it easy for diaper change or transporting baby ro car seat
  • Genius Strap, to adjust the Swaddle Pod and make fit with your baby height
  • Easy care fabric, machine washable!



OPENING ZIP ( maksudnya yg boleh dilihat ) 21.5 inci

** tidak sesuai untuk bayi new born

Berikut adalah tips dari kami untuk membantu proses peralihan bayi anda dari tidur berbedung kepada tidur tanpa berbedung.

1- Setelah bayi anda lena di dalam Swaddle Pod Transition , keluarkan sebelah tangan dahulu sewaktu tidurnya

2 - Bersabar : kerana bayi yang biasa di bedung memang sukar untuk menerima keadaan tangan yang bebas keluar.

3 - Keluar satu tangan secara konsisten selama beberapa hari dan lihat keselesaan nya, jika sudah bersedia, maka keluarkan tangan satu lagi. Pada ketika ini biasanya bayi akan lebih selesa dan biasa.

4- Design pada bahagian badan Swaddle Pod Transition memastikan bayi anda rasa sentiasa dipeluk dan menghangatkan.


Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Milk Story: Breastmilk Storage Bag

*NEW PRODUCT - The Milk Story Storage Bag 25pcs

TMS Breastmilk Storage Bag Features:
 •Can contains up to 6 oz breastmilk
•Double seal to prevent leaking
•Made from Polypropylene (PP) Material
•25 pcs per box
• Advisable one time usage only (non reusable)

Instruction How to Use TMS Breastmilk Storage:
◦Wash & dry hands before use
◦Leave some room at the top of the bag. Frozen milk expands as it freezes
◦Label the bag with the date and time the milk was pumped
◦Store milk in the main fridge compartment, away from the door to avoid temperature change
◦Use milk that has been refrigerator or freezer the longest first (first in first out)
PRICE: RM19.90

Buku: 21 Tips Sukses Menyusu

Mempunyai kompilasi 21 tips ringkas untuk sukses menyusu selama 2 tahun.

Mengapa anda perlu mendapatkan buku ini :-
✔ Jaminan tips yang segar dan efisien oleh penulisnya Puan Suraya Ali dan tim Lunatots
✔ Tips yang menyeluruh daripada kehamilan, kelahiran sehinggalah mula bekerja
Turut sesuai dijadikan hadiah kepada rakan-rakan yang baru melahirkan dalam usaha membantu mereka memberikan yang terbaik kepada sicomel kita.

HARGA: RM 15.90

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Preloved Item to let go: Baby Friends Musical Gym

Baby Friends Musical Gym
Bought at Singapore at $70.00
Never open, we just realised that our baby has grown up fast ;-)
Sell at RM120 nett only (including post). COD at our home sweethome. 
Siapa cepat dia dapat!


Monday, 25 March 2013

Tommee Tippee - Closer To Nature Anti Colic Plus 150ml Bottle

The Closer To Nature Anti-Colic Plus Bottles are safe and easy to use and is effective against colic. The vent tube helps baby to feed without a pause, no air bubble means your baby is swallowing milk, not air in their continual feeding action.The breast like shape teat ensures that your baby can switch between your breast and bottle, and can latch onto both exactly the same way.The teat is made from softer touch silicone that gently elongates and flexes during feeding in much the same way as mum's nipple, so it mimics a natural breastfeeding action.

Super sensitive Anti-Colic Valve Advanced easi-vent Technology Optimum venting during feedingContinual feeding action

Blue = Safe to feed
Pink = Milk is warmer than recommended 37°CTemperature should always be tested on the hand before feeding

Softer silicone teatGently elongates & flexes during feedingMimics a natural breast feeding action

Designed to be held in the most natural position during feedingMimics the position of breast feeding

1 x 150ml Anti-Colic Plus Bottles (BPA Free)
1 x Slow Flow Teats (on bottle)

Price: RM 40.00

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Tommee Tippee: Milk Storage Pots

The handy set of 4x2oz/60ml mini pots with graduations on the sides comes with sealing lids. These are designed to collect and protect your breast milk. The pot sits in the neck of the closer to nature bottle while expressing breast milk via either the Manual Breast Pump or our New Electric Breast Pump. Take out the pot and store in the fridge or the freezer. The lid allows a date to be written on. You can decant from the pot into a bottle to feed directly to your baby. The pot can also be used as a breast cup for mums who want to breast feed exclusively or a first tastes food pot.

• Express directly into the storage pot- to be used with closer to nature bottle
• Handy pack of 4
• 2oz capacity per pot (Health Professionals recommend expressing small amounts)
• Dishwasher proof and microwaveable
• Suitable for freezing
• BPA free

PRICE: RM 30.90

Monday, 11 March 2013

Tommee Tippee: Disposable Breast Pads

36 pads - RM 41.50

50 pads - RM51.90

Closer to nature breast  pads are packed in 36 & 50's for extra value. They are ideal for putting in your handbag or baby's changing bag as they are twin wrapped.

• Ultra absorbent
• Contoured to fit
• Thin and discreet
• Silky soft lining
• Non slip
• Breathable