Thursday, 26 December 2013

Gugu: Sleeves

Eyelet Blue Sleeve

Eyelet Green Sleeve

Eyelet Yellow Sleeve

Eyelet Pink Sleeve

Cotton Tshirt Blue Sleeve

Cotton Tshirt Green Sleeve

Cotton Tshirt Pink Sleeve

Cotton TShirt Yellow Sleeve

Designed like cardigan , Easy for parent's to put on, hard for children to take off
- Help Baby to sleep longer and hasn't scratched up her face
- Help baby skin an opportunity to heal from itchy skin / eczema, beyond itchy skin and newborn scratching
- The outer layer  of the mitten provides less friction againts baby skin

SAIZ           PANJANG BAHU                  PANJANG LENGAN                         LABUH
  XS                     23 CM                                      26 CM                                         15.5 CM
     S                     25 CM                                      30 CM                                         16 CM
     M                    25 CM                                     30 CM                                          16.5 CM
     L                     26 CM                                      33 CM                                          17 CM

PRICE: RM20.00

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Philips Avent: Breast Milk Storage Bag 25's

Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage Bag 25's
Ultimate protection for your breast milk, 6oz/180ml breast milk storage bags
Philips AVENT breast milk storage bags provide safe and secure storage for your precious
breast milk. They can be stored in the fridge or freezer and are pre-sterilized for
immediate use.
Complete hygiene
• Tamper evident seal for complete hygiene
• Reinforced seams and dual layer bag
• Secure, leak proof double zip
Ease of use
• The sturdy design of this bag enables it to be self standing
• Wide opening for easy filling and pouring
Other benefits
• The bag is pre-sterilized for hygienic use and storage
• This bag is made out BPA free material
Tamper evident
Tamper evident seal indicates the bag is untouched before first use, for complete hygiene
Strong and durable
Reinforced side seams and dual layered material provide extra reassurance that your precious breast milk is stored safely
Ultimate protection
Secure, leak proof double zip closure for safe storage of your breast milk
Express, fill, store
The wide and sturdy opening of the bag ensures easy filling and pouring of your breast milk
Self-standing bag
The sturdy design of this bag enables it to be self standing
The bag is pre-sterilized for hygienic use and storage
BPA free
This bag is made out BPA free material
•Easy to use: Wide, sturdy opening
•Secure: Tamper evident seal
•Sturdy: Self standing bag
•Ultimate protection: Reinforced seams
•Leak proof: Secure, double zipper
•Material: Durable, dual layer bag
What is included
•Bag: 25 pcs
•Bag: 6oz/180ml
Country of origin
•Manufactured by Philips Avent in China
•BPA free*

PRICE: 59.90