Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Lacte: Duet Electric Breastpump

Lacte Duet Electric Breastpump - THE REAL DUET BREASTPUMP
  • New double electric pump suitable for home and office use.
  • A real duo with 2 discrete pumps, serving each expression kit, just like 2 sets of single pump
  • Left, right or duet operation with individual control. Different suction strength can be set on left and right!
  • Unique soft breast shield design, reacting to the pumping rhythm which mimic baby’s suckling for maximum comfort and stimulation
  • 2 Phase Expression – Stimulation Phase & Expression Phase
  • 9 steps suction control
  • Last used setting memory
  • Compact and light weight for maximum portability
  • Silent operation
  • 1 year warranty

PRICE: RM499.00

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Autumnz: EASY Drying Rack





White/ Pink


White/ Blue


The Drying Rack is an ideal tool for keeping baby feeding accessories secure and organised while drying. Equipped with long flexible pegs which are foldable, this drying rack can accommodate milk bottles, feeding accessories, breastpump parts, sippy cups & teething toys.


  • Space saving design keeps all of baby’s feeding accessories organised while drying
  • 8 large standing pegs can hold up to 8 bottles and/or cups of all shapes and sizes
  • 8 small standing pegs can hold teats, sippy cup lids, bottle rings, teething rings
  • Each standing peg is equipped with plastic tips to stabilise baby bottles/ cups and prevent scratching
  • Pegs can be folded downwards to enable easy storage
  • Front unique shelf holds breastpump parts, straws, valves, caps, pacifiers and other small items
  • Slanted design to enable excess water to drain into the front water collection slot
  • No assembly is required
PRICE: RM29.90

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Lacte : Solo Electric Breastpump

Lacte Solo Electric Breastpump

  • New single electric pump suitable for home and office use.
  • Unique soft breast shield design, reacting to the pumping rhythm which mimic baby’s suckling for maximum comfort and stimulation
  • Closed system with anti-backflow
  • 2 Phase Expression – Stimulation Phase & Expression Phase
  • 5 steps suction control
  • Easy to read LED indicator
  • Compact and light weight for maximum portability
  • Silent operation
  • Powered by AC Adapter or Battery AA (4x AA Batteries) 
  • 1 year warranty

Price: RM229.00 199.00

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Umma Lacto


Perolehi Susu Ibu Dengan Banyak

Umma Lacto produk terbaru keluaran dari Legacy Secret.Umma Lacto ini berfungsi sebagai milk booster bagi wanita yang sedang menyusukan bayi.Seperti yang kita tahu,susu ibu merupakan susu yang terbaik,tapi ada juga para ibu yang mempunyai maslaah kekurangan susu badan.Untuk mengatasi masalah kekurangan susu,produk dari Legacy Secret  ini adalah pilihan yang terbaik.Produk ini adalah kombinasi dari 19 jenis bahan semulajadi yang disatukan menjadi rumusan berkhasiat untuk kaum ibu.Dengan Umma Lacto,macam-macam kebaikan dan khasiat yang akan diperolehi.Mari kita mengetahui khasiat serta keisitmewaan dalam Umma Lacto.

Qty per box :

25g X 10sachet

 Khasiat Umma Lacto

1) Membantu pengeluaran susu ibu dan perbanyakkan susu ibu

2) Memberi ibu rasa kenyang berpanjangan

3) Membekalkan tenaga untuk ibu sepanjang hari

4) Membantu mengekalkan zat besi dan mineral yang secukupnya untuk ibu dan bayi

5) Membantu mengelakkan sembelit

6) Membantu kesihatan perut dan kolon

7) Prebiotik ibu dan anak

8) Membantu meningkatkan sistem imunisasi badan

9) Membantu mengurangkan risiko kaundis kepada bayi

10) Membantu mengurangkan risiko kolestrol pada badan

11) Membantu mengekalkan kalsium dan menguatkan tulang ibu selepas bersalin

12) Membantu mencantikkan kulit ibu selepas bersalin

13) Membantu mengeluarkan angin dalam badan dan mengelakkan kembung perut

Kandungan Utama Umma Lacto

Susu kambing,susu skim,kurma,habbatussauda,madu,ekstrak halia,alfalfa,kismis,beras perang stevia,spirulina,manna(gam arab),serbuk soya,ekstrak bawang putih,fruktosa,serbuk protein dan fiber daripada buah-buahan.

HARGA: RM60.00 54.00

Tommee Tippee: Teat

Teat - Slow Flow (2pcs)
Teat - Medium Flow (2pcs)

Teat - Fast Flow (2pcs)

Designed in conjunction with breastfeeding experts, the revolutionary new Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature easi-vent teat mimics the natural flex, movement and softness of a mum’s breast, to make switching between breast and bottle easier than ever before.

The unique shape of the Closer to Nature easi-vent teat encourages your baby’s natural feeding action so that switching between breast and bottle becomes second nature.

Larger than normal wide neck teats, Closer to Nature is much more 'breast-like' in shape Made of new softer touch silicone, to ensure a natural soft, supple feel Includes a super-sensitive anti-colic valve to ensure a comfortable feed for your baby with less risk of wind trouble Suitable from birth. BPA free With it’s unique easi-vent anti-colic valve which you can actually see working, the Closer to Nature easi-vent teat is at the heart of an entire breastfeeding support system which also includes a breast pump, sterilisers and accessories specially created to help you combine breast and bottle feeding.

  • Slow flow rate suitable for babies 0 months plus.
  • Nipple mimics natural feel, flex and movement of breastfeeding
  • Allows for easy transition between breast and bottle
  • Wide neck nipple for easier latch on
  • Anti-colic, anti-gas, advanced easi-vent™ valve
  • BPA free and phthalate compliant

Price: RM23.90

Teat - Anti Colic Medium Flow (2pcs)

Teat - Anti Colic Fast Flow (2pcs)

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Anti-Colic Teat

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Anti Colic Plus Medium Flow Teat is specially made for babies 3 months and above. It makes sure that the flow of the milk or any other drink from the bottle is slow enough – facilitating the baby’s consumption of the drink. The teat perfectly mimics the natural feel, flex and movement of a mother’s breast and is also shaped exactly like a breast’s nipple. These are definitely plus points because they allow for super easy transition from the mother’s breast to the bottle. The main specialty of this teat is its use to help babies with colic problems and Sensitive Tummy Nipple has a unique, easy latch on shape with soft natural feel silicone. Specially developed for use with tommee tippee® Sensitive Tummy Feeding Bottles.

However the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Anti-Colic teat is only compatible with Tommee Tippee’s Closer To Nature Anti-Colic Plus bottle, so ensure both the products are from the same renowned brand. Do not use this teat on Tommee Tippee’s Easi-Vent bottles.
  • Medium flow rate suitable for babies 3 months plus.
  • Unique, easy latch-on teat shape.
  • Super-sensitive valve.
  • Soft natural feel silicone teat.
  • Suitable from birth.
  • BPA-free.
Price: RM25.50

Tommee Tippee: 260ml / 9oz (Single Pack)

Pink Flower

Blue Aeroplane

Orange Nature

Product Description
Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature 260ml/9oz Colour (Single Pack)

Designed in conjunction with breastfeeding experts, the revolutionary Closer to Nature easi-vent teat mimics the natural flex, movement and softness of a mum’s breast, to make switching between breast and bottle easier than ever before.

The unique shape encourages your baby’s natural feeding action so that switching between breast and bottle becomes second nature. The bottles have been designed to be held in the most natural positions during feeding and can be held in 3 ways: cradles comfortably in the hand, gripped in the same way as a traditional wide neck bottle, held from the base; making feeding comfortable for everyone.

Our closer to nature is the perfect bottle feeding range for your newborn. The unique extra-wide teat on all of our closer to nature bottles works beautifully, just like mum, authentically flexing and stretching to mimic the natural look and feel of mum's breast - making bottle feeding easier.

Available in Pink, Blue & Green

  • 1 x 260ml Closer to Nature Easivent BPA Free Feeding bottles
  • 1 x Closer to Nature Slow Flow Easivent Teats
Price: RM 33.90

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Spectra: S2 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

Be one of the first to grab the Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump with impressive innovative features to fully support your breastfeeding journey.

  • Super quiet
  • Closed system – hygienic for you and baby
  • Night light & timer
  • Everything you need for double pumping
  • Powerful, adjustable suction
  • Letdown mode and fully adjustable program to best suit your body

Product Description
Introducing the latest in breast pump technology, the Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump. Boasting every innovation possible to make life easier for you, including powerful 300mmHg suction, double pumping, massage mode to encourage speedy letdown, ability to adjust both suction strength and cycle speed, night light and timer and much more. This pump is absolutely quiet and is the most portable and stylish hospital grade pump around.


  • Spectra S2 main pump
  • Breast shield x 1 (need to add extra breastshield to upgrade double pumping)
  • Bottle x 1
  • Soft teat x 2
  • Tubing x 2
  • Bottle stand x 1
  • Disc x 2
  • Cap x 2
  • Backflow filter x 2
  • Valve x 2

All components in contact with your milk are BPA free.

Technical specifications

  • Vacuum range 0 ~ 300 mmHg
  • Cycle length 30-46 RPM
  • Weight – 2kg
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Powered by mains
  • Motor life 1,500 hours
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Certification CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001
Price: RM 650.00 free postage

Philips Avent: Natural Comfort Double Electric Breastpump

Product Description
Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump

More comfort, more milk naturally
When you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk flows more easily. That's why we
created our most comfortable breast pump yet: Sit comfortably with no need to lean
forwards and let our soft massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow.

Sit more comfortably with no need to lean forward
• More comfortable pumping position due to unique design

More milk in less time
•The perfect time-saver for mums

Choose your most comfortable setting
• Features a gentle stimulation mode and 3 pumping settings

Gently stimulates natural let down and milk flow
• Soft massage cushion with warm feel

Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
• Includes our Natural bottle and teat for natural latch on

Other benefits
• Compact lightweight design
• Intuitive assembly. Easy visual matching of parts
• Compatible with other Philips AVENT feeding products
• Easy cleaning due to the small number of separate parts
• Easy operation at the touch of a button

More comfortable position
The breast pump has a unique design, so your milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle, even when you are sitting up straight. This means you can sit more comfortably when pumping: no need for you to lean forwards to make sure all your milk ends up in the bottle. Sitting comfortably and being relaxed when pumping naturally helps your milk to flow more easily.

Features a gentle stimulation mode and 3 pumping settings
When switched on, the pump automatically starts in gentle stimulation mode to get your milk flowing. Then choose from 3 pumping settings to make milk flow most comfortably for you.

Soft massage cushion with warm feel
Our massage cushion has a new soft velvety texture that gives a warm feel to the skin for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your milk flow. During pumping, it gently mimics your baby's suckling for natural let down and clinically proven effectiveness. The soft massage cushion is designed to comfortably fit the majority of mums. Should you need it, a larger size cushion is available separately (availability may vary per country).

Includes our Natural teat
The wide breast-shaped teat promotes natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Compact lightweight design, includes handy travel bag
The breast pump has a compact design, which makes it easy to hold and position on your breast. The small, lightweight base unit can easily be placed within comfortable reach for full control when pumping. For extra convenience in transport and storage, the tube simply wraps around the base unit. The breast pump comes with a handy travel bag.

Easy cleaning
Cleaning is easy thanks to the small number of separate parts. Your milk will never come into contact with the tubing and base unit. All parts are dishwasher-proof, except the electrical parts.

The perfect time-saver for mums
Simultaneous pumping at both breasts is proven to be more efficient and may even boost your ability to produce breast milk.**

Easy operation
Double electric breast pumps are ideal for mums who pump milk regularly. Save time by comfortably pumping from both breasts at once.

Intuitive assembly
Easy visual matching of parts for intuitive assembly.

Fully compatible range
This breast pump can be used in combination with other feeding products in the Philips AVENT range, including our Classic bottles and milk storage containers. Philips AVENT also provides a range of breast care accessories to help you breastfeed for longer and enhance your comfort.


Country of origin

•Breast pump: Polypropylene, BPA free*
•Bottle: Polypropylene, BPA free*
•Teat: Silicone, BPA free*

What is included
• Breast pump body: 2 pcs
• Base unit incl. tubing: 1 pcs
• Standard-size cushion: 2 pcs
• Natural bottle 4 oz: 2 pcs
• Extra soft Newborn Flow Teat: 2 pcs
• Travel cover: 2 pcs
• Sealing disc for milk storage: 2 pcs
• Breast pad sample packs: 2 (2 Day pads and 2 Night pads) pcs
• Spare diaphragm: 2 pcs
• Travel bag: 1 pcs

Breast pump
•Material: BPA free*

•Breast pump design: Compact design
•Bottle design: Ergonomic shape, Wide neck

Ease of use
•Breast pump use: Intuitive assembly, Easy cleaning, Fully compatible range

Development stages
•Stages: Pregnancy, 0–6 months

• No leaning forwards: Sit in a comfortable position
• Settings: 3 Expression settings, 1 Stimulation mode
• More milk in less time: The perfect time-saver
• Soft massage cushion: Gentle stimulation

PRICE: RM1,749.00

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Simple Dimple: Playgym

-From birth onwards.
-Excellent toy to stimulate baby's hand (touch & feel)
-Eye coordination, imagination & exploration, sensory development, focus & problem solving skills.
-Enhance baby's brain development through fun & play.
-All materials are non-toxic & meet all international safety & health requirements.

Price: RM79.90

Autumnz: Sterilizer and Warmer

Autumnz Steam Steriliser

To sterilise your feeding equipment and accessories quickly and safely

Fast - Contents are sterile and ready to use in 8 minutes

Easy to use - Just add water, load and switch on

Safe - BPA free

Convenient - Contents remain sterile for up to 6 hours if unopened

Effective sterilisation- Based on hospital principle, the intensive heat of the steam eliminates harmful bacteria

Large capacity- Holds up to 6 big bottles or 2 sets of breastpumps

Autumnz Home Warmer

Convenient - Warms milk & baby food easily at home

Safe - Heats gently and gradually

Easy to Use - Add water and adjust the settings

Ideal for all types of feeds - For milk & baby food from the freezer, fridge or room temperature

Fits most bottles and baby food jar - wide enough to fit most bottle brands such as Avent, Tommee Tippee, MAM, Dr Browns, etc

Warranty: 1 Year

*Pls read the enclosed User & Safety Guide before using this product*

No. 1: Autumnz 2in1 Sterilizer/ Food Steamer and Home Warmer Combo - RM 159.90
No. 2: Autumnz 2in 1 Sterilizer/ Food Steamer and Home &Car Warmer Combo - RM175.00
No. 3: Autumnz Home Bottle Warmer - RM79.90
No. 4: Autumnz 2in1 Sterilizer/ Food Steamer - RM 129.90
No. 5: Autumnz Home&Car Warmer - RM 99.90

Autumnz: Headband


Price: RM10.90

Price: RM8.90

Price: RM18.90

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Eve Love: Baby Lily Breastpump

Breastfeeding is nature’s health plan. It’s a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth. While there is no doubt that breastmilk is the ultimate food for babies, successful breastfeeding can be a challenge especially for working mothers.

Eve Love BABY LILY Breastpump is a SINGLE, ELECTRIC Breastpump which liberates nursing mothers giving them freedom to pump discreetly anywhere and anytime. Using the two-phase expression technology, it resembles baby’s natural sucking rhythm, hence helps maintain good breastmilk supply. A pump that allow mothers to multitask while pumping, attractive and lightweight; the Eve Love BABY LILY Breastpump is definitely a small investment that goes a long way throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Special Features:

1. Single Pump. Easy to assemble with minimal parts.

2. Compact & Lightweight:  - Motor Less than 500g. Easy to carry around.

                                           - Size of Motor is 3.5 inch length, 4 inch wide, 1.8 inch height.

3. Dual-Phase Expression: Stimulation Phase followed by Expression Phase. Mimics baby's natural sucking rhythm.

4. Silicon Breastshields: For Maximum Comfort while pumping.

5. Various Suction Level (5 Levels): To Cater to mother's comfort during pumping and efficacy of emptying breasts.

6. Interesting feature with a FREQUENCY Mode Button which gives an instant increase of 30% in frequency (rate of suction & release cycle per minute) and suction power.

7. Built-in Anti-Backflow Mechanism in Motor using active-blow piston technology to prevent backflow and maintain hygeine.

    Additional external anti-backflow kit provided for mothers who need it.

    **Usage of external anti-backflow kit might decrease suction power up to 20% compared to without using anti-backflow kit**

8. LED light indicator showing phase and suction level.

9. Very Minimal Sound: Mothers able to use breastpump discreetly anywhere and without disturbing baby's sleep.

10. Optional Power Source: Adaptor, 4 x AA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries and USB Line Provided.

   USB Line: Enables customers to connect it to a suitable 6V powerbank, or any other electrical outlets that is safe to run the breastpump motor (eg cars with USB outlet).

**CE & ROHS Certified**
**Warranty 1 Year for Motor Only : T&C for Warranty as in Warranty Card**
**This is a hygenic product, NOT REFUNDABLE on any circumstances**

What Is Included ?

1 Horn Shaped Mouth
1 Three Linking Mouth
1 Rotary Union
1 One way valve
2 Flaps
1 Storage Bottle
1 Base
1 Bottle Cap
1 Silicon Bottle Lid
1 Single Hose
1 Host Machine (Motor)
1 Adaptor
1 Instruction Manual
1 Warranty Card


1 USB Line

PRICE: RM 229.00 159.00 + RM9 postage

Monday, 15 December 2014

Label Label

  • Soft, tactile, cuddly comfort blankets your baby will love.
  • soft towelling comfort blanket is healthier than a soother or pieces of old cot blanket
  • trimmed with a selection of labels sewn onto each edge; these will soothe, relax, reassure and stimulate your child.
  • Great for taking to nursery or playschool or just settling them down to sleep.
PRICE: RM49.90

Kapsul Manjakani

Kapsul Manjakani 

 DIAMBIL 2-5 KAPSUL SEMINGGU (Mengikut kesesuaian individu)

  •  Manjakani merupakan 'herba anugerah' untuk wanita.
  •  Ia boleh membantu
  •  Menganjalkan kulit
  •  Merawat luka dalaman
  •  Merawat permasalahan wanita seperti keputihan, mukus berlebihan, bau yang tidak menyenangkan, kegatalan dan sebagainya.

 Berikut adalah 1001 rahsia yang terdapat pada sebiji buah manjakani

 Antioksida melambatkan proses penuaan sel.

 Asid galik mengatasi kencing manis dan lelah.

 Antioksida manjakani mampu mencegah barah buah dada dan rahim.

 Manjakani dikatakan bersifat astringen, berupaya membasmi bakteria dan kuman yang mencetuskan bau kurang enak pada faraj.

 Astringen terbukti dapat memberikan penglihatan yang jelas kerana ia mengecutkan tisu-tisu pada mata.

 Oleh kerana manjakani mempunyai sifat-sifat menegangkan kembali otot-otot, maka amalan meminum minuman bemanjakani dapat memperbaiki payudara yang telah hilang kekenyalannya.

 Astringen juga dapat mengaawal kulit kering dan berminyak.

 Disebabkan manjakani mempunyai serat makanan ia dapat melawaskan pembuangan air besar. Vitamin dan zat galian serta karbohidrat dan protein boleh memupuk kesihatan.

 Tannin pada manjakani amat mampu menegangkan semula otot-otot dalam faraj dan sekali gus merapatkan bahagian yang longgar, lemah atau kendur.

 Astrigen dikatakan berupaya mengecutkan semula tisu-tisu di dalam faraj terutamanya selepas bersalin.

 Astrigen dalam manjakani boleh mencantikkan kulit dan mencegah jerawat.

 Kalsium dalam manjakani boleh membantu menguatkan gigi dan tulang.

 13. MULUT 
 Astrigen dalam manjakani dapat mengekalkan kebersihan mulut.

 Amalan meminum minuman manjakani juga boleh merawat kronik ulser

 Harga : RM49.90 termasuk pos

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bubble : Wraps


A pack of 3 beautifully designed muslin wraps
•Lovely and soft against your baby skin.
•Made from 100% cotton
•An essential piece of baby kit.
•Machine washable

Product Dimension : 120 x 1 x 120 cm
Product Weight : 552 g
PRICE: RM139.00 including postage

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Philips Avent : Breast Shell Set

Product Description

 Philips Avent Breast Shell Set: Comfort and protection
Ultra comfortable breast shells
The ultrasoft breast shells are worn inside your bra to protect your nipples from chafing and to collect excess breast milk.

Benefits and features:
• Protect sore nipples
• Help ease engorgement
• Collect excess breast milk
  • Protect sore nipples
  • Ventilated shells- protect sore or cracked nipples to help them heal more quickly. Their gentle pressure helps relieve engorgement. The holes allow air to circulate.
  • Collect excess breast milk
  • Breast milk collection shells (no holes)- collect excess breast milk when feeding or using a breast pump.
Country of origin: England
What is included
    Ventilated breast shells: 2 pcs
    Non-ventilated breast milk saver shells: 2 pcs
    Ultrasoft backing cushions: 2 pcs
Development stages
    Stages: 0 - 6 months
PRICE: RM71.90

Thursday, 4 December 2014

2-in1 Bicycle to Walker

Size : 58.00cm x 41.00cm x 23.00cm

Let's Go ! Encourage & reward baby's physical development !
Easily converts from walker to ride-on !
Music & lights reward baby's movement! Press my nose !

9-36 Months

Playtime Fun Together

The Bicycle-to-Walker is a great companion to help your new walker practice balancing while taking first steps.Your child will be glad to have something of their own to add "pride" to newfound independence.And it will boost confidence until they're ready to ride off on new adventures!

2 in 1 Bicycle-to-Walker

There's nothing like having a friend you can rely on-especially when you're learning to walk!This charming lion is learning to walk!This charming lion is ready to steady baby's first steps,encouraging progress with rewarding lights,sounds,and upbeat music.Once walking is a sure thing,toddlers can  hop on the lion's back and ride all aound for a roaring good time.

Encourage Baby's Physical Development

Your Baby's First yeas will be full of exciting milestones.Look for the whole line of toys to help you encourage and reward each step!This toy is great for babies learning to stand and walk, and is ready to roll when they're ready to ride !

Price : RM230.00 including postage

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Autumnz : Wide Neck Storage Bottle (4pcs)




It's Celebration Time with Mummy's Milk!

Autumnz Wide Neck Breastmilk Storage Bottle is specially designed for safe and extended storage of breastmilk.

•Safe & Non toxic (BPA free)
•US FDA approved material for safe storage
•Made of 100% food grade polypropylene (PP) for safe & longer storage 
•Compatible with most breastpumps (Spectra M1, Autumnz Passion, Auautmnz Bliss, etc) that fit wide neck bottle – can pump directly into the bottle
•Printed ounce/ml markings for durability

Set includes:
•4 x 4.5oz PP Breastmilk Storage Bottles (can fit up to 5oz)
•4 x Screw Rings
•4 x Sealing Discs

Price: RM19.90