Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Philips Avent: PES Bottle 4oz/125ml Twin Pack

Philips Avent PES Bottle 4oz/125ml Twin Pack     

Back by popular demand, Limited stock Available !

Unsettled and irritable behaviour, known as fussing, is by far the most commonly known crying behaviour in babies. Clinical studies show that the PHILIPS AVENT Bottle significantly reduces fussing and colic.
Polyethersulphone (PES) is - a BPA Free material with a natural golden-coloured tint and extremely durable material that has a natural honey-coloured tint. It is heat-resistant, stain-resistant and impact resistant. Bottles made of this material are highly durable.

What is included:
Natural Feeding Bottle: (4oz/125ml) 2pcs.
• Bottle: 4oz/125ml capacity, 0% BPA, honey coloured tint.
• Design: easy to assemble, easy to clean, easy to hold, wide neck.
• Function: Anti-colic valve (one piece) .
• Clinically proven: Less fussing, especially at night.
• Teat Speed: Newborn Flow
• Teat Hole: 1
• Country of Origin: England
PRICE: RM69.90

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Philips Avent: Royal Limited Edition Gift Set Bottle & Soothers

Product Description
Philips Avent Royal Limited Edition Gift Set Bottle & Soothers:

The Philips AVENT range of bottles and soothers help to soothe and comfort your baby. They are designed to suit your baby's age and stage and are made to the highest safety standards, so you can feel at ease knowing that your baby is comforted and happy.
The Philips Avent Royal Bottle & Soother Set is a collectible, limited-edition item now available from our extensive selection.
The hygienic, durable bottle is printed with a colourful crown design while the two effective soothers are printed with a crown and a Union Jack flag, both emblazoned with the words 'Made in the UK'.
These fun soothers are also available to buy as a separate set.
The royal collection by Philips AVENT including 1 Classic 9 oz feeding bottle and 2 Royal Edition soothers 6-18m.
More comfortable feed at baby's chosen pace
• Easy latch on due to the unique valve on the nipple
Air goes into the bottle, not baby's tummy
• Unique anti-colic system
Reduce fussing and discomfort
Clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing:Sleep and nutrition are vital to your baby’s health and happiness. A randomised clinical trial was carried out to see whether infant feeding bottle design affects "infant behaviour". The Philips AVENT Classic baby feeding bottle was shown to significantly reduce fussing by approximately 28 minutes a day as compared to the comparator bottle (46 min vs 74 min, p=0.05). This was especially true during night-time.
BPA Free
• 0% BPA Product

• Anti-colic valve: Two piece anti-colic system
• Latch on: Easy latch on, Promotes nipple acceptance
• Nipple: Flexes to feeding rhythm
Country of origin: England
Material: BPA free*
What is included
 Silicone Pacifier: 2 pcs
 Bottle: 1pc 9oz/260ml
Bottle Material: BPA free
• Bottle design: Wide neck, Ergonomic shape
Ease of use
• Bottle use: Easy to clean, Easy to hold
Development stages: 6 months +
PRICE: RM69.90

Friday, 18 October 2013

Baby Bean Bag

Bubble Royal Blue

Bubble Apple Green

Bubble Mix
A beanbag, which thanks to the swappable covers grows with your child from newborn to school age.
 Both soft velvet covers are removable with Goretex water proof backing for any little accidents, making them fully breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer. The seat cover without a harness is included and can be swapped to the beanbag when your child no longer needs the security of a harness.
 The beanbag filling offers supreme comfort by moulding around your baby’s body to make them secure and content. It also allows you to change the elevation of your child’s seating position so you can lie them down for snoozes and sit them up for feeds and interaction.
Price: RM170.00