Monday, 10 March 2014

Spectra M1 Portable Electric Breastpump

The M1 is a portable electric breast pump that is a great option for mums wanting a completely portable breast pump option that still provides the performance and durability of other hospital grade pumps, like the Spectra S2. The M1 is a great new pump that will outperform other breast pumps in its class, and has the feature that mums want: This portable electric breast pump comes with everything you need for double-sided pumping. Weighing under 400g, Spectra have managed to pack a powerful and strong motor into this small and compact portable pump.

Features Include:

Closed system – Like all Spectra Breast Pumps, the M1 has a closed system.  This means that there is a physical barrier between breast milk and the pump motor, which ensures that your milk is kept free from contamination and that the pump is kept hygienic.

Inbuilt rechargeable battery - Pumping whilst out and about is easy with the M1′s inbuilt rechargeable battery.  Use it when plugged into mains power or enjoy battery life of 3 hours continuous use.

Price - The days of having to buy overpriced breast pumps are over, with Spectra providing high performance and great quality pumps at affordable prices.

Double pumping - The benefits of simultaneous double pumping compared with single sided pumping (even one breast after the other) are well known and there is now more research that has found further benefits of not only saving time, but significantly increasing your milk supply and output. The Spectra M1 comes with everything needed to double pump, so you can save time by expressing from both breasts at the same time, and more effectively support milk supply.(Extra breastshield is not included in this breastpump purchase)

Letdown mode – The M1 has a ‘let down’ or massage mode which is the faster pumping action (mimicking the way your baby stimulates letdown).  Most new mums have no problem starting their milk ‘let down’ however if you have a baby 6 months or older, you may find this more difficult and will need a breast pump with a ‘let down’ mode.

Adjustable program – Adjust the vacuum setting with the simple one touch button control.  As you increase the vacuum strength, the cycle will slow down becoming longer.  If you prefer a pump that allows you to control both the suction strength and the cycle length and speed then have a look at the Spectra S2.

Great performance - The M1 has a maximum suction strength of 300mmHg. Spectra have packed this portable breast pump with power and at the same time managed to create a small pump without the noise.  

To hear the noise of the Spectra M1 follow our YouTube link comparing the Spectra M1, Spectra 9 and the Medela Freestyle breast pumps.  If you are still confused about which breast pump will best suit you, our very own Spectra Breast Pump Comparison review chart may help.

1 x Spectra M1 main pump
1 x Breast shield, valve & tubing (need to add extra breastshield to upgrade double pumping)
2 x Bottle, teat, disc & cap
2 x Bottle stand
2 x Backflow filter

All components in contact with milk are BPA free.

Technical specifications
Vacuum range 0 ~ 300 mmHg
Cycle length 30-46 RPM
Weight – 400g
6months warranty
Powered by inbuilt rechargeable battery or mains
Motor life 1,500 hours
Battery Life 3hrs continuous use
Country of origin: South Korea
Certification CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001

Price: RM 576.00  466.70

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