Saturday, 31 January 2015

Freemie Deluxe Collection Cup (25mm & 28mm)


There are a few improvements on the new cups, which will be very beneficial for all mothers :

1) The new Freemie cups will come with transparent cups instead of translucent cups,so that mothers can see directly into the cups while pumping to see the amount of milk collected.

2) The Freemie logo, funnel sizes and milk measurements in Ounces will be engraved into the cups!

3) All Freemie cups will come with 2 backflow protectors and all the accessories needed to pump with all brands of breast pumps.

  • Pump with your shirt on, in more places than ever before, hands free!
  • Pump and bond with your baby at the same time
  • Compatible with Medela Pump in Style, Symphony and Lactina pumps, for single or double pumping
  • Each cup holds up to 8 ounces of milk, and is used in place of the old horns and bottles that came with your pump
​For a mother who is using a pump that is not under the compatible pump list, they are required to add on the Backflow Prevention Kit

List of Compatible Pump:
Pump in Style Advanced

Spectra S1
Spectra S2
Spectra M1

All other pumps can be used with the Backflow Prevention Kit including:
Avent, Ameda, Autumnz, Evelove, Lacte, Snowbear, Malish, Unimom.

How to use Freemie
Freemie is a breast milk collection system which is fully concealable and allows mothers to pump while multitasking without being noticed!

The diagram below shows how to use Freemie:

Price: Please email/ whatsapp us for best price of Freemie. TQ


superengineermummylife said...

salam, boleh wassap tak kelebihan freemie ni? and boleh tak medela swing guna dgn freemie. Wassap no 012-2251902 Dina

Qyst Zuh said...

So is it compatible with medela swing?

Mom&Baby House said...

Salam superengineermummylife. Esok saya wassap yea

Mom&Baby House said...

Hi Qyst Zuh,
It is compatible with medela swing if u use as a single pump.
But the performance a little bit lower which
u need to increase suction level, if u convert it to double pump since medela swing is a single pump. G

Aiza BrowniesNCakes said...

compatible ngan madela freestyle ke? sbb sy baru je beli freestyle tu.. huhu..

Mom&Baby House said...

Salam puan aiza, takde masalah untuk pakai ke medela fs, asalkan guna antibackflow kit yang ada dlm set :-)

israhanee idris said...

Sis boleh wassap saya for best price?
Wassap no: 0125250232

maplesyrup said...

Salam sis, tolong whatsapp sy best price freemie : 0192423369

Essyamimie said...

Salam..ble bgtau sy price? Email

yuqin wang said...

Can u watssapp me the price

Siti fatimah ismail said...

Kalau medela swing maxi juga boleh pakai freemie ya? kalau beli sekali antibackflow tu

julie said...

Please wataspp me the price at 0123187188

Nora said...

Kalau for avent? Do u have the kit too? Watsapp me please at 0123158969

citra sutera said...

Compatible with ameda lactaline? If so, pm price to 0162972050. Tq

diyana said...

mcmna nk pilih antara 25mm or 28mm?
bole watsapp price ke 017 2184821. tq

Mom&Baby House said...

@diyanakedua2 saiz ada dlm set ini :-)

Mom&Baby House said...

@Noraavent yg mana satu yea sis? Electric pump yg ada tubing boleh guna freemie

Mom&Baby House said...

@Siti fatimah ismail medela swing maxi compatible dgn freemie :-)

Mom&Baby House said...
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galeri kami said...

Boleh tau harga

Nora said...

Avent double pump. Tapi hujung tubing dia kelakar sikit. Tu yg im not too sure. Kalau tgk freemie punya website mmg ada kit lain untuk avent. Can u please help me clarify this... thank uuuuu

SalRashid said...
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Hafizah Ibrahim said...

Please pm best price 019-9765052

Mom&Baby House said...

@Hafizah Ibrahim

Salam Puan,

Selamat Hari Raya :-)
Promo Raya di link berikut :

Terima kasih.

Mom&Baby House said...

Dear our valued customers,
For a quick respond, please whatsapp us at 0193705454 or 0182364437. We afraid if we have overlooked your comments/inquiry and late reply here. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you.

Vania Aramita Satriadi said...

Do we need the anti back flow kit for medela swing maxi??

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