Thursday, 9 February 2012

Spectra 3 Breastpump

  • Model: Spectra 3
  • Suction strength (mmHg): 0 ~ 270 (+/- 10%)
  • Suction cycle (cycles/minute): Approx. 35
  • Dimension (cm): 16.7(L) X 13.5(W) X 9.7(H)
  • Dual pumping options: Yes
  • Suction settings: Adjustable
  • Power source: Ac adapter
  • Electric: Yes
  • Weight (kg): Approx. 1.4 kg
  • Warranty: 6 months
The kit applies to the piston and cylinder using electrical motor power creating suction power. The suction cycle is similar to baby's natural sucking.

Clean the kit.
Connect the power.
Connect the tubing to the breast shield.
Assemble the bottle onto the breast shield.
Set the suction power to the lowest position.
Set the nipple in the center of the breast shield.
Turn the unit on.
Adjust the suction strenght properly.
Turn the kit off after using.
For double pumping, remove the small grey cap and connect an extra tubing and breast shield to the pump motor. For Medela pump users, you may use your existing Medela breast shield and only need to get an extra Spectra tubing which costs RM15 only.
(Important: Whem pumping, make sure there is no backflow (milk getting into tubing). To avoid this, please make sure that the breast shield is not tilted, the tubing must be dry and the blue valve head is fixed on properly.)

Take all the parts of breast shield apart and boil them for 2 ~ 3 minutes except the air tube.
Caution: Do not use a microwave oven.

Though it's best that you breastfeed your baby directly, you can store your milk for feeding later if you can't breastfeed your baby.
Keep at room temperature Refrigerated (3 ~ 4 C) Frozen
4 hours 48 to 72 hours 3 months

Put it in the refrigerator for one night before you feed it. It normally takes 12 hours to defrost it in the refrigerator.
Thaw and/ or heat under warm, running water.
Shake it well when it is separated into cream and milk layer.
Let your baby finish the bottle at a feeding if possible, and do not store it again for another feeding.
IMPORTANT: Don't store it again if you thaw it.

Check if the plug is in.
Check if every pump part is assembled correctly.
Check if the tubing is not twisted.
Check if the vacuum regulator valve of the motor part, membrane and the tubing is connected properly.
Check if there is space between the valve head and membrane. (Remove foreign substances, if any, between them).

Pros: This pump is value for money. The best part is it has double pumping option. It is very quiet (you can pump without the person in the next cubicle hearing it! - yes, this has been tested!). It is convenient to bring along since it is not bulky. If you are a Medela user, you can use your existing pump parts as it is compatible. It also comes with a conversion kit which allows you to use wide neck bottles (ie. Avent). Technical support will be provided should there be any problems (6 months warranty). It now has a special cooler carrier bag which is designed to fit the Spectra 3 pump, complete with bottles and ice packs.
Cons: It does not have a battery pack. You must have power supply to use it.

Price: RM388.00 (Single Pump)
         RM 458.00 (Double Pump)


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