Monday, 10 September 2012

Clevamama ClevaSleep Positioner

The Clevamama™ ClevaSleep™ Positioner is designed with safety and comfort in mind. It uses the science of ClevaFoam™ to reduce cranium pressure by up to 50% and reduce flat head syndrome. Manufactured using specifically engineered memory foam for babies the ClevaSleep™ has been scientifically proven to reduce the pressure on your baby’s head by 50% during supine rest whilst also providing 80% more support. This ClevaSleep Positioner from Clevamama is designed to keep your baby in the correct position whilst sleeping as recommended by pediatricians to reduce the risk of SIDS. The sleep positioner is made from memory foam with a removable washable cover. The memory foam base protects the round shape of your baby's head and helps prevent flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly) whilst also helping to keep your baby's head and spine in the correct alignment. The Clevamama sleep positioner also helps reduce the effects of reflux and colic as well as aiding digestion.  
The sleep positioner features an adjustable bumper, allowing for adjustment as baby grows. It also boasts a removable and washable white cover and a waterproof lining.
Comfortable and luxurious, the Clevamama™ ClevaSleep™ Positioner benefits from Airflow™ fabric’s unique selling points, which draw moisture away and improve airflow. This ensures the optimum comfort of baby, as well as sound and peaceful sleep.
ClevaFoam™, when exposed to the heat and weight of a baby’s body, reacts by softening and moulding itself to the exact contours of the infant’s body, thereby offering optimum support and relief.

The adjustable bumpers help your baby remain in a safer sleep position without restricting natural movements whilst preventing them from rolling onto their tummy.  Its slight elevation also helps ease the discomfort caused by Reflux, Colic, and Nasal Congestion as well as aiding digestion.  
Covered with Airflow™ moisture management fabric this helps draw moisture away and increases airflow through the fabric.   The cover has a textured non slip base as well as being removable and machine washable.

The adjustable bumpers help to ensure that your baby remains sleeping in a natural way whilst preventing them from moving onto their front.
The Clevamama Sleep Positioner is also slightly raised to help your baby sleep more soundly by helping ease the discomfort caused by Colic, Reflux  and a blocked nose. It also aids babys digestion.
The cover is removable and washable and has a non-slip base.

• Scientifically proven
• Reduce cranium pressure by 50%
• Increase Support by 80%
• Can be used in crib and Cot
• Waterproof lining

Size: Mattress length 50cm

 PRICE : RM119.90


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