Monday, 22 October 2012

Autumnz: Fun Foldable Cooler Bag

Coral Blooms


Spring Green


Popular yet pratical choice for all breastfeeding mothers.
Carry your breastmilk in style by using the 3-way carrying method  that his bag allows by adjusting the strap provided - hand carry, shoulder sling, arm carry
A well-structured bag that is truly functional. Definitely a great companion as you embark on your breastfeeding journey. Can double up as cosmetic bags or lunch/picnic bags. A small investment that goes a long way.
•Holds  up to 4 to 6 standard neck bottles measuring 5 oz  + 3 pcs of Autumnz Reusable Ice Gel
•Tested to keep milk cold for 12 hours (with 3 pcs of Autumnz Reusable Ice Gel)
•Can be folded away neatly when not in used

PRICE: RM19.90


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