Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Air Susu Ibu (ASI) pills help to increase production of mother's milk. Keeps baby healthy and strong, maintains health condition of mother during lactation.

Jamu Borobudur, is a world-class company that gives priority to high quality products to care for your health. Their products are marketed worldwide. In the US, it is marketed through Herbal Creations, Inc

They produce and sell "Jamu" (Herbal Remedies from Indonesia) which is a kind of traditional medicine made from roots, leaves, tubes, tree bark and trunk of herbs grown in Indonesia. Their herbal remedies are derived from living plants, not synthetic chemical compounds.

These natural ingredients are processed through high technology and under hygienic conditions to produce high quality products. Packed in the simplest form : pills, capsules, and powder so that you can carry and take easily.

Jamu Borobudur products have been used by mankind for over 25 years to soothe pain, increase energy and to just look & feel better. Herbs work safely & gently so they do not have dangerous side-effects on your body as many drugs do.

Discover the health benefits of natural herbs .. Jamu Borobudur.. without the side-effects! (as claimed by the manufacturer)

Direction for use:
 Take 2 pills, 2 times daily. One box will last for about a month.

 Note: Individual results may vary depending on your activities and life style preferences.

 Full Pack  : 300 tablet
PRICE: RM 20.00 18.00


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