Thursday, 25 December 2014

Tommee Tippee: Teat

Teat - Slow Flow (2pcs)
Teat - Medium Flow (2pcs)

Teat - Fast Flow (2pcs)

Designed in conjunction with breastfeeding experts, the revolutionary new Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature easi-vent teat mimics the natural flex, movement and softness of a mum’s breast, to make switching between breast and bottle easier than ever before.

The unique shape of the Closer to Nature easi-vent teat encourages your baby’s natural feeding action so that switching between breast and bottle becomes second nature.

Larger than normal wide neck teats, Closer to Nature is much more 'breast-like' in shape Made of new softer touch silicone, to ensure a natural soft, supple feel Includes a super-sensitive anti-colic valve to ensure a comfortable feed for your baby with less risk of wind trouble Suitable from birth. BPA free With it’s unique easi-vent anti-colic valve which you can actually see working, the Closer to Nature easi-vent teat is at the heart of an entire breastfeeding support system which also includes a breast pump, sterilisers and accessories specially created to help you combine breast and bottle feeding.

  • Slow flow rate suitable for babies 0 months plus.
  • Nipple mimics natural feel, flex and movement of breastfeeding
  • Allows for easy transition between breast and bottle
  • Wide neck nipple for easier latch on
  • Anti-colic, anti-gas, advanced easi-vent™ valve
  • BPA free and phthalate compliant

Price: RM23.90

Teat - Anti Colic Medium Flow (2pcs)

Teat - Anti Colic Fast Flow (2pcs)

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Anti-Colic Teat

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Anti Colic Plus Medium Flow Teat is specially made for babies 3 months and above. It makes sure that the flow of the milk or any other drink from the bottle is slow enough – facilitating the baby’s consumption of the drink. The teat perfectly mimics the natural feel, flex and movement of a mother’s breast and is also shaped exactly like a breast’s nipple. These are definitely plus points because they allow for super easy transition from the mother’s breast to the bottle. The main specialty of this teat is its use to help babies with colic problems and Sensitive Tummy Nipple has a unique, easy latch on shape with soft natural feel silicone. Specially developed for use with tommee tippee® Sensitive Tummy Feeding Bottles.

However the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Anti-Colic teat is only compatible with Tommee Tippee’s Closer To Nature Anti-Colic Plus bottle, so ensure both the products are from the same renowned brand. Do not use this teat on Tommee Tippee’s Easi-Vent bottles.
  • Medium flow rate suitable for babies 3 months plus.
  • Unique, easy latch-on teat shape.
  • Super-sensitive valve.
  • Soft natural feel silicone teat.
  • Suitable from birth.
  • BPA-free.
Price: RM25.50


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