Thursday, 4 December 2014

2-in1 Bicycle to Walker

Size : 58.00cm x 41.00cm x 23.00cm

Let's Go ! Encourage & reward baby's physical development !
Easily converts from walker to ride-on !
Music & lights reward baby's movement! Press my nose !

9-36 Months

Playtime Fun Together

The Bicycle-to-Walker is a great companion to help your new walker practice balancing while taking first steps.Your child will be glad to have something of their own to add "pride" to newfound independence.And it will boost confidence until they're ready to ride off on new adventures!

2 in 1 Bicycle-to-Walker

There's nothing like having a friend you can rely on-especially when you're learning to walk!This charming lion is learning to walk!This charming lion is ready to steady baby's first steps,encouraging progress with rewarding lights,sounds,and upbeat music.Once walking is a sure thing,toddlers can  hop on the lion's back and ride all aound for a roaring good time.

Encourage Baby's Physical Development

Your Baby's First yeas will be full of exciting milestones.Look for the whole line of toys to help you encourage and reward each step!This toy is great for babies learning to stand and walk, and is ready to roll when they're ready to ride !

Price : RM230.00 including postage


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