Monday, 11 April 2011

Fabulous Mom: Nursing Poncho

Kini, para ibu tidak lagi boleh mencari alasan 'Malu' dan membuat keputusan tidak menyusukan bayi mereka ketika di tempat awam.

Antara aksesori popular bagi melengkapkan lagi penyusuan anak ini adalah dengan pemakaian nursing poncho semasa menyusukan bayi secara terus (direct). Salah satunya ialah dengan pemakaian Fabulous Mom Nursing Poncho.

Terdapat dalam 5 corak yang berlainan iaitu:-

Black Polka

Blue Polka

Peach Floral

Nursing poncho is fashionably and thoughtfully designed with both moms and babies in mind. It allows even the most modest or modern moms the freedom of breastfeeding in public.


* Hip and stylish which is great for any occasions, be it for weekend outing or evening dinner.
* Use it in multi ways to suit your very own style, you can use this beautiful poncho as a decorative item or just to keep you warm when you are not using it for breastfeeding purpose.
* The lightweight and cool material is especially comfortable for our tropical weather, even though if you have picked the dark color poncho.
* Briefly see-through fabric will provide a sense of security to baby for being able to see the surrounding – no one likes to dine in the dark and yet it's discreet enough for an enjoyable nursing moment, not forgetting that it's completely breathable.
* Free Size
* Made in Malaysia with much of love and passion to help mothers to breastfeed in public confidently.

Hanya RM 59.90

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